Support a Local Chapter Near You

It takes a village of volunteers at the community level to support our Local Chapters. Each Local Chapter is run by our volunteer Local Coordinators. They work with an amazing network of volunteers and are often looking for additional support. There are a variety of roles for individuals to get involved to help them reach their goals.

Common Chapter Support Roles

While each of our Local Chapters adheres to guidelines in their overall operations, individual chapters run autonomously in how their volunteer support roles are structured. Some chapters are quite small and manage with only a few volunteers while other chapters require a small village to help them manage their chapter goals.

Our biggest Shoebox drive is during the holiday season and many chapters only require support during this time of the year to help bring it all together.

Other chapters support shelters on numerous occasions throughout the year and are looking for more constant support.

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BEFORE you apply...

Please visit your local chapter's page and contact the local coordinator there to inquire about current volunteer opportunities. If they respond with available opportunities, apply below.

Here are some of the common volunteer support roles that our chapters utilize: