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VIP-Curated Shoeboxes

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we asked a few friends to curate a special virtual Shoebox with some of their favourite items. With your purchase of one of these special edition Shoeboxes, you will receive a charitable gift receipt and a digital thank you card written by the creator of your Shoebox. Like all of our virtual Shoeboxes, these Special Edition Shoeboxes are representations only, meaning your purchase is considered a monetary donation to The Shoebox Project.

What is a "virtual shoebox"?

A virtual Shoebox is the fun and thoughtful experience of putting together a gift for a local woman in need. The items you select are representations only, meaning your purchase is considered a monetary donation to The Shoebox Project. 100% of your purchase will go directly toward supporting women in your local community.

Please note, when selecting a VIP-curated Shoebox, 50% of your donation will go towards your chosen chapter, and the remaining 50% will be going to support our efforts nationally.

An open gift box showing the contents inside

How It Works

1. Build Your Shoebox

Design your gift and select the items that you would like to include. Shoeboxes are typically valued at £35, but you may choose as many or as few of the available items as you would like.

2. Checkout

After you have created your Shoebox, complete your purchase. At checkout, include a brief message for our volunteers to transcribe into a holiday card. For something more personal, see #3.

3. Include a handwritten note

If you would like to include an e-card, something you've made, a photo of yourself, or a video greeting, send it to us. It will be distributed directly to a local woman in your community.

4. Share on Social Media

Share your personalized greeting on social media using the hashtag #VirtualShoebox and nominate a friend to make their own.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Thanks to your overwhelming support, we distributed over £700,000 worth of gift cards and bulk product over the holiday season to local women impacted by homelessness! We will continue accepting virtual Shoebox donations throughout the year, so that we may continue supporting as many women as possible through these challenging times.

“Your acts of kindness have brought hope, inspiration and motivation to many women, who otherwise would have spent the holiday believing that no one cared.”

– Shelter representative, Muskoka, ON
“These women have been so marginalized, swept aside by their community, by their family, by whatever experience they are going through. So when they receive a Shoebox like this, knowing somebody took the time to do it, they see that someone cares, that they are worth more than they actually feel they are worth at that moment”

– Shelter Representative, NYC

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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