Ways to Give

Host a Shoebox-Raiser

Just like a fundraiser, but instead of collecting monetary donations, you have your attendees create Shoeboxes!

Organize a Shoebox Gift drive

Offering a tangible gift is a powerful reminder for a woman that she has not been forgotten and that she remains a valued and respected member of her community during a time when she may be feeling alone and isolated.

Community groups can create and collect shoeboxes independently and drop them off during the designated drop-off dates without prior arrangements. Other groups will connect with their local chapter in advance to let them know their plans and may want or require more support for their shoebox drive or fundraising initiatives.

If you have a team of people interested in organizing a Shoebox gift drive or volunteering during the holiday season, in an area where we have an active Local Chapter, it’s easy to jump on board! Please contact your Local Coordinator to discuss logistics!

Note: If your group is interested in volunteering at a time of year where we are not currently collecting Shoeboxes, or if you live in an area without a Local Chapter, please contact us. We’ll do our best to get your team set up for success no matter where and when you want to support local women impacted by homelessness!

Additional Resources

Download our handout for more general information on hosting Shoebox-Raisers!