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About Volunteering with The Shoebox Project

You volunteer in your own community with a Local Chapter.

Local Chapters are 100% managed and run by volunteers like yourself!

Your time and dedication bring hope to someone going through a
challenging time.

Your support breaks barriers, removes stigma, and advocates for gender equality.

Be part of a community that cares & builds a better future for your community.

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Meet Some of Our Volunteers

Former Local Chapter Coordinator / Ottawa, ON

The Shoebox Project is special to me because I have been on the receiving end of similar programs and I know personally the impact our gifts and messages of hope can have on someone. Seeing how the community takes care of each-other and the love is beyond heartwarming.

Local Chapter Coordinator / Montérégie, QC

Life can change in a moment and we need our support system to get through it. This is my way of being someone’s support system, one shoebox at a time.

Social Media Coordinator / Richmond, BC

My work with the Shoebox Project is so special to me. I feel blessed to be able to help womxn in my community who need a little care and kindness shown to them. Everyone deserves to feel valued and seen and knowing that my volunteer work ensures this is happening brings me joy.

Shoebox Deliveries & Inspections / Vancouver, BC

I truly believe that small indulgences like those in
the Shoeboxes make women feel valued and loved. 
This support and care can truly change the lives of the women who receive them. Women caring for women is a powerful force for change. Thank you for the opportunity 
to be a part of this.